The Fox of Glenarvon

The Fox of Glenarvon (German: Der Fuchs von Glenarvon) is a German propaganda film from the Nazi era portraying the years of the Irish fight for independence during World War I. It was produced in 1940 by Max W. Kimmich and starred Olga Tschechowa, Karl Ludwig Diehl, Ferdinand Marian and others. The screenplay was written by Wolf Neumeister and Hans Bertram after a novel of the same title by Nicola Rhon (Maria von Kirchbach) that had been published at Ullstein publishing house in 1937. It was made at the Johannisthal Studios in Berlin, with sets designed by the art directors Wilhelm Depenau and Otto Erdmann. The shoot lasted from December 1939 to February 1940. It passed censorship on 22 April 1940 and had its debut in Berlin's Ufa-Palast am Zoo two days later.

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    contentLocation Ireland
    director Max W. Kimmich
    editor Willy Zeyn
    genre drama historical
    musicBy Otto Konrad
    producer Herbert Engelsing
    productionCompany Tobis Film
    publisher Tobis Filmkunst
    theme propaganda