Blackbird is a 2012 Canadian drama film written and directed by Jason Buxton. The film stars Connor Jessup as a socially isolated and bullied goth teenager who befriends his "puck bunny" classmate (Alexia Fast), but is falsely accused of plotting a school shooting after he makes a threat against her boyfriend in an online chat session.


Sean Randall (Connor Jessup), a goth teenager, is a friend of classmate Deanna (Alexia Fast), with whom he rides the bus every day. Her boyfriend plays on an ice hockey team and she is friends with the team's other members. Sean's father has a gun collection, and Sean sometimes joins him when he goes hunting. Sean films his father shooting a deer and shows the footage to his schoolmates, which (when combined with his goth fashion sense) makes them think that he is creepy. The members of the hockey team bully Sean for being weird and for being friends with Deanna, which angers Sean.