Swing Time is a 1936 American musical comedy film, the sixth of ten starring Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers. Directed by George Stevens for RKO, it features Helen Broderick, Victor Moore, Betty Furness, Eric Blore and Georges Metaxa, with music by Jerome Kern and lyrics by Dorothy Fields. Set mainly in New York City, the film follows a gambler and dancer, "Lucky" (Astaire), who is trying to raise money to secure his marriage when he meets dance instructor Penny (Rogers) and begins dancing with her; the two soon fall in love and are forced to reconcile their feelings.


John "Lucky" Garnett (Fred Astaire) is a gambler and dancer set to marry Margaret Watson (Betty Furness). Not wanting him to retire, the other members of his dance act deliberately sabotage the event. "Pop" Cardetti (Victor Moore) takes Lucky's trousers to be altered by sewing cuffs while the others begin a crap game. After the tailor refuses to modify the pants, Pop returns with them, unaltered. Margaret's father phones to say he has sent everyone home, but the call is intercepted. When Lucky finally leaves for the wedding, his troop bets him the bankroll that he will not get married. Lucky mollifies Margaret's father by saying that he was "earning" $200. Judge Watson tells Lucky he must earn $25,000 to demonstrate his good intentions.