Jaisurya is a 2004 Tamil action film directed by Manoj Kumar. The film stars Arjun in dual roles, along with Laila, Chaya Singh and Vadivelu in pivotal roles. The movie was scored by Deva. The film received negative reviews from critics and failed at the box office. The film was dubbed and released in Telugu with the same name.


Surya (Arjun), assisted by Baby (Laila), is a conman whose services can be bought by anyone for the right price. His tricks result in the dismissal of both the Assistant Commissioner (Ilavarasu) and his brother, the Police Minister (Raj Kapoor). So they seek the help of Pasupathy (Shobaraj), another dada in Madras. When Pasupathy is recruited by a goon from Calcutta to kidnap the Kancheepuram collector, Surya decides to foil his plan and save the collector. When saving the man, he finds that the collector Jai Anand (Arjun) is a spitting image of himself. Jai's fiancée Priya (Chaya Singh) tells Surya about Jai's past as the collector in Calcutta.


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    contentLocation Kolkata
    director Manoj Kumar
    editor P. Mohan Raj
    genre action
    keywords arjun sarja ilavarasu laila raj kapoor shobaraj spit
    musicBy Deva
    producer Manoj Kumar Selvi Manoj Kumar
    productionCompany Guru Films
    publisher Lakshmipriya Combines
    theme masala