Life is Fruity

Life is Fruity

is a 2017 Japanese documentary film. It was directed by Kenshi Fushihara, produced by Katsuhiko Amuno, dubbed by Kirin Kiki, photographed by Nobutaka Murata, and produced by Tōkai Television Broadcasting. The film's protagonists are Shuichi Tsubata and his wife, Eiko. It follows their daily life, whose idyllic nature has sparked discussion about the main characters' lifestyle choices. Life is Fruity premiered in Japan on November 6, 2016, and was screened in Kanto, Hokkaido-Northeast, Central, Kinki, and Okinawa. A novel adaptation of the same name was published that year.


90-year-old Shuichi and 87-year-old Eiko live in a chalet in Kasugai City, Aichi Prefecture. Shuichi is an architect who moved there over 40 years earlier to live a rural life with his wife. He plants a vegetable garden and a large orchard.