Day and Night

Day and Night is a 2017 Chinese streaming television series directed by Wang Wei and written by Zhiwen. It stars Pan Yueming, Wang Longzheng, Liang Yuan, Lü Xiaolin and Yin Shuyi. The series tells the story of Guan Hongfeng, the former captain of the Changfeng Criminal Investigation Detachment, who solves many cases to get his brother Guan Hongyu exonerated. It premiered in China via Youku starting August 30, 2017.


Guan Hongfeng, a former police captain suffering from nyctophobia, returns to solving mysteries alongside the hot-tempered Captain Zhou Xun and rookie officer Zhou Shutong. However, he has a hidden agenda, which is to clear his identical twin brother Guan Hongyu's name from the alleged murder of an entire family.