Shooters is a 2002 British crime drama film from directors Colin Teague and Glenn Durfort, and writers Andrew Howard, Louis Dempsey and Gary Young. It was filmed in London in


After six years behind bars, Gilly (Dempsey) wants to settle down and live a quiet life. But it is not to be. He is released from prison only to find that his crime partner J (Howard) has invested all their money in a massive array of submachine guns, forcing Gilly back into a life of crime. Their last deal goes down in seven days, but the way things are going, Gilly's not sure he can hold out that long.

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    contentLocation Liverpool
    director Colin Teague
    editor Kevin Whelan
    genre crime drama thriller
    keywords howard life of crime seven days submachine gun
    musicBy Kemal Ultanur
    producer Margery Bone Will Bone
    publisher Media Cooperation One
    recordedAt London
    theme hood