Buddha Mountain

Buddha Mountain

Buddha Mountain is a 2010 drama film directed by Li Yu and starring Sylvia Chang, Fan Bingbing and Chen Bolin. It was produced by Laurel Films, a small independent production company owned by Fang Li and based in Beijing. Laurel Films also produced Li Yu's previous film Lost in Beijing.


When singing onstage at a pub, Nan Feng (Fan Bingbing) hits a man in the crotch as she swings a speaker around, creating tension between her and the pub owner. Following this Nan Feng, her friends Ding Bo (Chen Bolin), and Fatso eat and drink by the roadside.

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    contentLocation China
    director Li Yu
    editor Karl Riedl
    genre drama
    keywords 2008 sichuan earthquake buddha build bully chen bolin create date even injured kiss morning pass sichuan earthquake sing
    musicBy Peyman Yazdanian
    productionCompany Laurel Films
    publisher Golden Scene