The Shrine of Ultimate Bliss

The Shrine of Ultimate Bliss

The Shrine of Ultimate Bliss, also known as Stoner, A Man Called Stoner, and Hong Kong Hitman is a 1974 Hong Kong action film which was produced by Raymond Chow and directed by Huang Feng.


When a tough Australian cop named Stoner (George Lazenby) discovers that his sister has overdosed on a deadly new drug called "The Happy Pill" (an aphrodisiac/hallucenogen mixture), he travels to Hong Kong to track down its creators. Along the way, he meets up with a beautiful secret agent (Angela Mao) who's on her own mission to investigate the same drug ring.

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    contentLocation Hong Kong
    director Huang Feng
    editor Michael Kaye Peter Cheung
    genre action
    keywords drug ring secret agent track down
    musicBy Tony Orchez
    producer Raymond Chow
    productionCompany Golden Harvest
    publisher Orange Sky Golden Harvest
    theme kung fu martial arts