Crown for Christmas

Crown for Christmas is a 2015 American made-for-television romantic comedy film starring Danica McKellar and Rupert Penry-Jones. The film premiered on Hallmark Channel on November 27, 2015.


Allie Evans (Danica McKellar) is an American hotel maid who was fired for not getting an important guest's room ready in time. Overhearing her firing, a hotel patrons servant, Fergus (Pavel Douglas), hires her to be a governess for his employer's daughter in the country of Winshire. When Allie accepts and arrives in the country, she finds that Fergus' employer is King Maximillian (Rupert Penry-Jones) and that his daughter is Princess Theodora (Ellie Botterill) who had become mischievous since her mother's death. As Allie works for Theodora, she befriends the other staff members as King Maximillian is arranged by Chancellor Riggs (Colin McFarlane) to be engaged to Countess Celia (Alexandra Evans). Though Theodora has some objections to this as she thinks Allie would be a better match.