Crime Wave, also known as The Big Crime Wave, is a 1985 Canadian independent surrealist comedy film written, produced and directed by Winnipeg-based filmmaker John Paizs.


The film is a homage to late 1940s-early 1950s "colour crime pictures". Paizs plays Steven Penny, a struggling screenwriter who lives above the garage of a suburban family, and begins typing each night from the moment the street lamp comes on. Everything we learn about the character comes from Kim (Eva Kovacs), the family's daughter, who has a schoolgirl crush on him, as Penny never utters a word in the entire film.


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    contentLocation Winnipeg
    director John Paizs
    editor Gerry Klym John Paizs Jon Coutts
    genre comedy crime
    keywords begin garage screenwriter struggle suburban type
    musicBy Randolph Peters
    producer John Paizs
    productionCompany Favorite Films
    publisher Norstar Releasing
    theme filmmaking independent surreal