Forty Winks

Forty Winks is a lost 1925 American silent comedy film directed by Paul Iribe and Frank Urson and written by Bertram Millhauser. The film stars Raymond Griffith, Theodore Roberts, Cyril Chadwick, William Boyd, and Anna May Wong. The film was released on February 2, 1925, by Paramount Pictures.


As described in a review in a film magazine, Gasper Le Sage (Chadwick) is attorney to the Butterworths and suitor for the hand of Eleanor Butterworth (Dana). He persuades Annabelle Wu (Wong), a Eurasian adventuress, to vamp Lt. Gerald Hugh Butterworth (Boyd) and with his keys obtain the plans for a coast defence movement. Suspicion falls upon Lord Chumley of the British secret service, who is also engaged to Eleanor. Le Sage offers to recover the papers if Eleanor will marry him, but "Chumley" forestalls him and gets the papers and wins the young woman's affections after a lively and variagated chase.