Spiritual Love

Spiritual Love, also known as Ghost Bride or The Phantom Bride is a 1987 Hong Kong fantasy comedy film directed by David Lai and Taylor Wong and starring Chow Yun-fat, Cherie Chung, Pauline Wong and Deanie Ip.


A man named Pu Yung-tsai lives with his cousin who is a student of Feng shui and Maoshan. Yung-tsai buys an antique desk from a second-hand shop and inside is a suicide letter written by a young woman called Wei Hsiao-tieh. Yung-tsai replies to the letter and gives up 3 years of his life, so the woman is able to come back to Earth as a ghost and get away from her forced marriage in the afterlife. When Yung-tsai splits up with his girlfriend, May, because he caught her having an affair, he begins a relationship with Hsiao-tieh. May wants to get back together with Yung-tsai because her rich boyfriend has dumped her and she is pregnant. She stages a fake suicide attempt to win back Yung-tsai but it backfires and she dies.