Terrace House: Closing Door

is a 2015 Japanese reality show theatrical film that acts as a continuation and ending to the Fuji Television show Terrace House: Boys × Girls Next Door. It was released by Toho on February 14, 2015. Tetsuya Sugaya and Seina Shimabukuro continue as residents from the show, with four new members joining them. One of whom is writing a book on Terrace House and briefly interviews previous members. Studio commentators You, Reina Triendl, Yoshimi Tokui, Azusa Babazono, Ryota Yamasato and Hiroomi Tosaka also return.


Picking up immediately from the final episode of Terrace House: Boys × Girls Next Door, Tetsuya Sugaya opens the door to move out of the house and sees Yuiko Matsukawa, who introduces herself and says she will be living there from today onward. Informing him that Terrace House is not over yet and is being turned into a movie, Yuiko convinces Tetsuya to stay a little longer. The next day Maya Izumi, a fashion design student, Jin Otabe, an editor for Quick Japan, and Keisuke Yoshino, a basketball coach, move in. Seina Shimabukuro tells her boyfriend and fellow former cast member Daiki Ito that she wants to move back into the house, and although he says he will be jealous she is living with other guys, he accepts her decision.