Slightly Dangerous

Slightly Dangerous

Slightly Dangerous is a 1943 American romantic comedy film starring Lana Turner and Robert Young. The screenplay concerns a bored young woman in a dead-end job who runs away to New York City and ends up impersonating the long-lost daughter of a millionaire. The film was directed by Wesley Ruggles and written by Charles Lederer and George Oppenheimer from a story by Aileen Hamilton. According to Turner Classic Movies film historian Robert Osborne, one sequence early in the film in which Lana Turner's character does her job at the soda fountain while blindfolded was actually directed by an uncredited Buster Keaton.


Peggy is 21 and bored. She has just been awarded a certificate for starting work on time for 1000 days. She decides that she needs a change so she leaves a note, which is taken to be suicidal, and heads for New York where she gets a make over. A new outfit, a new look and an freak accident gets her in the paper as a amnesia victim, just because she does not want to be Peggy Evans any more. The paper thinks she may be an heiress so she searches for a few clues from back issues of the paper and finds that Carol Burden was never found. Cornelius Burden, however, has sent dozens of frauds to jail already and she must trick him and Baba to keep out of jail. Next, she must stop her old manager, Bob Stuart, from spilling the beans about her.

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    director Wesley Ruggles
    editor Frank E. Hull
    genre comedy
    keywords freak accident old man
    musicBy Bronisław Kaper
    producer Pandro S. Berman
    productionCompany Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer
    publisher Loews Cineplex Entertainment
    theme romantic comedy