She Gods of Shark Reef

She Gods of Shark Reef

She Gods of Shark Reef is a 1958 B-adventure film directed by Roger Corman that was partially filmed on location in Kaua'i back to back with Naked Paradise in 1956. The film was distributed in 1958 by American International Pictures as a double feature with Night of the Blood Beast.


While stealing weapons as part of his gun running operation, young and reckless criminal Jim (Don Durant) kills two men. Wanted by the authorities, he escapes on the boat of his brother, Chris (Bill Cord). As they sail to the Sulu Sea, where Jim has friends, they are caught in a terrible storm and are shipwrecked in shark-infested waters off a tropical island. They are rescued by pearl divers, who live on the island in a secretive, all-female village. Though the lonely and beautiful women of the island are friendly and flirtatious with the two brothers (the only survivors), the village elder Queen Pua (Jeanne Gearson) is cautious and hostile, wanting the two off the island as soon as possible. Chris falls in love with one of the island beauties, Mahia (Lisa Montell), while Jim, being a wanted man, seeks to escape before the naval ship sent to rescue them arrives. Terrified of being recognized and executed for his crimes, Jim fixes one of the islanders' broken boats and lets his brother and his forbidden love in on his plan. But before they can leave, Jim is overcome by greed and steals the islanders' precious pearls, injuring a native in the process. Chris discovers what his brother has done and tries to stop him, but is overpowered. Jim tries to get away in the boat, pursued by the islanders. Panicking, Jim falls into the sea, where he becomes entangled in the boat's ropes. Chris attempts to rescue Jim, but leaves to help Mahia after she follows him and is forced to fight off a shark. Unable to disentangle himself, Jim is attacked and killed by the shark. Despite the pleas of Queen Pua from the pursuing boats, Mahia escapes with Chris to "leave this evil behind".