Doomsday Party

Doomsday Party

Doomsday Party is a 2013 Hong Kong drama film directed by newcomer Ho Hong and featuring an ensemble cast including Paul Wong, Kay Tse, Kelvin Kwan , Teddy Robin and Wilfred Lau.


The film opens with scenes of angry protests in front of Hong Kong's LegCo building. Following a double bomb scare, police attempt to disperse the crowd, only to fuel further rage. A few blocks away, Lang (Kelvin Kwan) and his acolyte Fish (Fish Liew) take advantage of the surrounding chaos to hold up a bank. Armed with a pistol and makeshift bombs, they threaten employees and customers, among whom police detective Kin-Ho (Paul Wong), celebrity English tutor Victor Lo (Wilfred Lau), bank clerk Wan Yee (Kay Tse), councillor Ho (KK Cheung), his mistress Rebecca (Maggie Chan), and an old man clinging to a mysterious envelope (Teddy Robin).