Nati Stanchi

Nati stanchi (a.k.a. Born Tired) is a 2002 Italian comedy film co-written by and starring the comic duo Ficarra e Picone.


Salvo and Valentino are two happy Sicilian friends, who do not want to work, because they know that if they find a permanent job, their girlfriends will ask them to marry them. Salvo and Valentino, however, when discover that there is a competition from a librarian in Milan, pretend to prepare for the exam and leave with the trump, encouraging parents and girlfriends. The two hope not to pass the test, and they are very happy, spending the days having fun in the Lombard city, also making very poor figures from the "South". When the two return to Sicily, they discover with great amazement and sadness that they managed to pass the test, because they wrote the test answers at random!

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    contentLocation Sicily
    director Dominick Tambasco
    editor Alessio Doglione
    genre comedy
    musicBy Tinturia
    producer Stefano Dioguardi
    publisher 01 Distribuzione
    recordedAt Sicily
    theme buddy comedy