Waltzing Regitze

Waltzing Regitze

Waltzing Regitze, also known as Memories of a Marriage, is a 1989 Danish drama film directed by Kaspar Rostrup. Based upon a popular Danish novel by Martha Christensen, the film is an unsentimental portrait of the history and changes of a middle-aged couple's marriage, told through flashbacks during a summer party. The film stars Ghita Nørby and Frits Helmuth.


The Danish retired couple Karl Aage and Regitze are hosting a summer party for their friends and relatives in their garden cabin. While Regitze is joyfully celebrating, Karl, who is more introverted, sits apart and reminisces about the past 30 years with his wife. He remembers their love at first sight during World War II, living together before marriage, and the challenges they faced, like their mother's opposition to baptizing their son. He recalls moments that showcase Regitze's passionate and open-hearted nature, such as inviting a homeless person and confronting their son's teacher. He also remembers her love for dancing and his fear that his social awkwardness might harm their relationship.