Downriver is a 2015 Australian film funded by Screen Australia, Film Victoria and Melbourne International Film Festival, produced by Happening Films. It is writer-director Grant Scicluna's feature debut. The main cast includes Robert Taylor, Kerry Fox, Helen Morse and Reef Ireland. It is described as a mystery drama in which a teenage killer returns to uncover dark truths in his quest to find a missing body.


James is a young man who has epilepsy and has recently been granted parole from the juvenile detention centre in which he has spent the last eight years. When he was ten, he drowned a little boy, Chris McCarthy, in a river at a caravan park, although the body was never found. After being released, he returns to the caravan park in order to find and return the body to the grieving mother. He moves into the old cabin he used to live in with his mother and befriends Damien, the boy next door. James tells Damien that Chris had been his brother. He is eventually joined at the park by his mother Paige and her new boyfriend, Wayne. Paige tells Wayne that James is her nephew and that her son died.