Fakin' da Funk

Fakin' da Funk is a 1997 comedy film written and directed by Tim Chey. It stars Pam Grier, Ernie Hudson, Dante Basco, Tone Loc, Margaret Cho, and Tatyana Ali. The film is about two Asian-American youths trying to adjust to a new environment in South Central Los Angeles, with one being a Chinese boy who was adopted and raised by Black parents, and the other a foreign-exchange student.


Joe and Annabelle Lee, a Black couple living in Atlanta, are thrown for a surprise when they learn the baby that they adopted is Chinese and not black. Despite the mix-up, they decide to raise the baby, Julian, as their own. After Joe's death a few years later, the family decides to uproot from Atlanta to Los Angeles. Once in LA, Julian tries to befriend his peers, but they are perplexed that he is Asian, yet talks and acts as if he is Black. Julian is also forced to intervene when his younger brother Perry falls in with a local gang.