The Baby Cyclone

The Baby Cyclone is a lost 1928 American synchronized sound comedy film directed by A. Edward Sutherland and based upon the 1927 play by George M. Cohan, adapted for the screen by F. Hugh Herbert and Robert E. Hopkins. While the film has no audible dialog, it was released with a synchronized musical score with sound effects using the sound-on-film Western Electric Sound System process. The film stars Lew Cody, Aileen Pringle, Robert Armstrong, Gwen Lee and Nora Cecil. The film was released on September 27, 1928, by Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer.


Jessie Hurley (Gwen Lee) becomes infatuated with her new Pekingese making her husband Gene Hurley (Robert Armstrong) jealous. While out walking the dog, he sells it to society girl Lydia Webster (Aileen Pringle). He tells Jessie the dog got lost, but Jessie learns the truth and takes it back. Lydia and her fiancé, Joe Meadows (Lew Cody), try to regain custody. Eventually, all four humans are arrested on charges of dog stealing and inciting a riot. The film featured "a near deadly duel with an electric light bulb and a bottle of catsup as the main constituents."