Leather Face

Leather Face, also known as Farzand-e-Watan, is a 1939 Indian Hindi-language action film produced and directed by Vijay Bhatt for his production company Prakash Pictures. Bhatt cast the young Mahjabeen, then six years, who went on to become the famous actress, Meena Kumari. The story writers were Batuk Bhatt and Sampatlal Srivastava. The music direction was by Lallubhai Nayak and Shankar Rao Vyas with the lyrics written by Pandit Anuj. It starred P. Jairaj, Mehtab, Jal Writer, Shirin, M. Zahur, Lallubhai Nayak, Bholaram and Baby Mahjabeen (Meena Kumari).


A state chieftain (M. Zahur) rules over his people in a despotic manner. Samar (P. Jairaj) becomes the hero-bandit to fight the chief. He dons a leather mask, and along with the help of his dog Tiger and horse Bahadur he ventures out to set things right. He also has the help of a group of wayfarers, and Dulari (Shirin), the inn-keeper. Samar falls in love with the Chieftain's sister Ila (Mehtab). Following several action scenes, Samar is able to rid the state of its tyrannical ruler and marry Ila.

    More details

    director Vijay Bhatt
    genre action
    keywords leather mask mehtab p. jairaj
    musicBy Lallubhai Nayak Shankar Rao Vyas
    producer "Vijay-Shankar" Bhatt
    productionCompany Prakash Pictures