The Guardian is a 1984 American thriller film directed by David Greene and written by Richard Levinson and William Link. The film stars Martin Sheen, Louis Gossett Jr., Arthur Hill, Tandy Cronyn, Simon Reynolds and Tom Harvey. The film premiered on HBO on October 20, 1984.


The inhabitants of a New York City apartment building are plagued by burglaries and murder, and they have finally had enough. So they employ ex-military man John Mack (Louis Gossett Jr.) to protect their building as a security guard. Mack's techniques are precise and intense, and soon his overbearing and power-mad nature begins to chafe resident Charles Hyatt (Martin Sheen). Hyatt seeks Mack's removal, but will he have to forfeit his own safety in his quest for freedom?

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    director David Greene
    genre thriller
    keywords apartment building build new york city security guard
    musicBy Robert O. Ragland
    publisher HBO