Red Istanbul

Red Istanbul (, ) is a 2017 film directed by Ferzan Özpetek, based on the novel written by Özpetek, published in 2013. The film was shot in Turkish language with a cast composed entirely of Turkish actors, 16 years after his second work Harem Suare, director Özpetek came back to shoot a film in Istanbul. The film's first international promotion was held at the Rome Film Festival.


The writer Orhan Şahin returns to Istanbul after so many years to help the well-known director Deniz Soysal to write his first novel. Orhan finds himself to look with nostalgia at the places where he was born and raised, reliving the relationships with friends, family and past loves.

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    contentLocation Istanbul
    director Ferzan Ozpetek
    keywords past love
    musicBy Giuliano Taviani
    producer BKM Imaj R&C Produzioni