Black Hawk Down

Black Hawk Down is a 2001 war film produced and directed by Ridley Scott, from a screenplay by Ken Nolan. It is based on the 1999 non-fiction book of the same name by journalist Mark Bowden, about the U.S. military's 1993 raid in Mogadishu. The film features a large ensemble cast, including Josh Hartnett, Ewan McGregor, Eric Bana, Tom Sizemore, William Fichtner, Sam Shepard, and Tom Hardy in his first film role.


Following the ousting of the central government in 1993 amid the civil war in Somalia, the United Nations Security Council authorizes a military operation with a peacekeeping mandate. After the bulk of the peacekeepers withdraw, the Mogadishu-based militia loyal to Mohamed Farrah Aidid declares war on the remaining UN personnel. In response, the U.S. Army deploys three of its special operations forces 75th Rangers, Delta Force counter-terror operators, and 160th SOAR - Night Stalkers aviators to Mogadishu to capture Aidid, who has proclaimed himself president.


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    award Academy Award for Best Film Editing Academy Award for Best Sound Mixing National Board of Review: Top Ten Films
    contentLocation Africa
    director Ridley Scott
    editor Pietro Scalia
    events Battle of Mogadishu
    keywords 10th mountain division 160th soar - night stalkers 160th special operations aviation regiment 75th ranger regiment 75th rangers ah-6j little bird american soldiers bill clinton black hawk build captain capture chalk chief warrant officer civil war civil war in somalia delta force detach first class force forced to run on foot gary gordon injured jeff struecker kill lieutenant colonel master sergeant md helicopters mh-6 little bird medal of honor mh-6 little bird michael d. steele michael durant mike steele military operation mogadishu airport mogadishu mile mohamed farrah aidid new recruit osman ali atto osman atto president president of the united states private first class randy shughart red cross retire rocket-propelled grenade sergeant sergeant first class set up sikorsky uh-60 black hawk somali civil war special forces special operations forces specialist staff sergeant trap united nations us military vietnam war warrant officer wound
    musicBy Hans Zimmer
    nomination Academy Award for Best Cinematography Academy Award for Best Director Academy Award for Best Film Editing Academy Award for Best Sound Mixing
    producer Jerry Bruckheimer
    productionCompany Columbia Pictures Revolution Studios Scott Free Productions
    publisher Sony Pictures Releasing
    recordedAt Morocco
    theme war