Inside is a 2011 American social horror thriller film brought to viewers through a partnership between Intel and Toshiba.


Twenty-four-year-old Christina Perasso, a tough, resilient girl, wakes up trapped in a room and has no idea where she is being held or who did this to her. She has been left access to her laptop. Through the use of an intermittent Wi-Fi signal, she reaches out to friends, family and an audience through social media. She lists facts, clues, pictures and videos to aid the audience in figuring out where she is, who her captor is, and why she was kidnapped.

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    editor Josh Bodnar
    genre horror social thriller
    keywords kidnap social media trap wi-fi
    musicBy Brian Tyler
    producer Jennifer Barrons Jules Daly Tracie Norfleet
    productionCompany B-Reel
    theme sponsored