Muzzy in Gondoland

Muzzy in Gondoland (often shortened to simply Muzzy) is an animated film first created by the BBC in 1986 as a way of teaching English as a second language. The English version of Muzzy features the voices of Willie Rushton, Miriam Margolyes, Susan Sheridan, Derek Griffiths, Jack May and Benjamin Whitrow. DMP Organization later acquired the rights to Muzzy and translated it into other languages (see below). It is unknown, however, who plays whom in the various dubbed versions of the film.


Muzzy, a large, greenish-blue, bear-like extraterrestrial who eats metal, arrives from outer space to visit Gondoland, which is ruled over by the King and Queen. Their daughter is Princess Sylvia, Bob is their gardener, and Corvax is an evil scientist who works for the King. Bob and Sylvia are secretly in love and decide to elope. However, Corvax, who also loves Sylvia, sees what is happening, and informs the King and Queen. Angered, the King pursues and catches them, forcing Bob to confess his love for Princess Sylvia. The King catches his tone, and orders for Bob to be sent to jail for seduction while Sylvia is taken back to the palace. Bob shares a cell with Muzzy, who tells him that he has been jailed for eating parking meters. Realising Muzzy's unusual diet, Bob encourages Muzzy to eat the bars of the prison cell and they escape.