An Affair of the Skin

An Affair of the Skin is a 1963 drama film written and directed by Ben Maddow. It is a complex story of the romantic entanglements of its several characters as seen through the eyes of a black woman photographer. Shortly after its release, the film was harshly reviewed in Time and The New York Times. Woody Haut's more recent characterization is more sympathetic:


Set in New York, the drama describes the sexual relations of the three main characters, Victoria, Allen, and his wife Katherine, including the problems they encounter as told in three intertwined stories. Victoria is an aging fashion model who is afraid to let go of her young male lover because she thinks she is too old to ever get another man to love her. Allen and Katherine are an unhappily married neurotic couple with problems of their own.

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    contentLocation New York City
    director Ben Maddow
    editor Verna Fields
    genre drama
    keywords fashion model married
    producer Helen Levitt
    publisher Zenith International Film Corp.
    recordedAt New York City
    theme independent