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is a 1935 silent film directed by Yasujirō Ozu. The film is Ozu's last extant silent film.


Kihachi (Takeshi Sakamoto) wanders around the industrial flatlands of Tokyo's Koto district with his two young sons, Zenko (Tokkan Kozo) and Masako (Takayuki Suematsu), looking for work. Unable to find a job, Kihachi relies on his sons to catch stray dogs for the reward money, but Zenko wastes the bounty buying himself a much-desired officer's cap. Later, the brothers quarrel and lose the family's bundle. Kihachi tells them that they no longer have enough money to pay for both a meal and a bed for the night. They choose a meal. At a cafe they meet Kihachi's old friend, Otsune (Choko Iida), who finds Kihachi a job and allows the family to rent a room at the cafe.