Superseven chiama Cairo

Superseven chiama Cairo

Super Seven Calling Cairo (Italian: Superseven chiama Cairo) is a 1965 Italian Eurospy film directed by Umberto Lenzi and adapted from his own novel of the same name written under the pseudonym "H. Humbert". It stars Roger Browne as the titular secret agent opposite Fabienne Dali, Massimo Serato, and Rosalba Neri. Shot mostly in Egypt, the film is heavily inspired by the early James Bond films starring Sean Connery. It is followed by The Spy Who Loved Flowers in which Browne reprises his role as Martin Stevens, and Lenzi returns to write and direct the film.


Martin Stevens - a British agent known by his codename "Superseven" - is sent to recover a modified radioactive metal disguised as a camera lens, stolen and sold to an unaware civilian by mistake. The trail leads him to Cairo in pursuit of the camera where he learns that Russian spies are also after the same device in the hopes of putting the western powers at a disadvantage while per business as usual, Stevens comes across several people in the field who are not who they seem to claim.

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    contentLocation Egypt
    director Umberto Lenzi
    editor Jolanda Benvenuti
    genre action thriller
    keywords west
    musicBy Angelo Francesco Lavagnino
    producer Fortunato Misiano
    publisher Romana Film
    theme eurospy