Usha Navratnaram's


The story is about a doctor, Harish (Vishnuvardhan), who falls in love with his student Nandini (Suhasini). Harish tries to express his feelings to her but fails to do so. When he finally musters the courage to tell her that he loves her, she tells him that her marriage is fixed to Balu (Jai Jagadish), her childhood friend and sees the former like a guru. Harish is unable to forget her and slowly withdraws into a shell. His mother tries to get him out of this shell but dies from burns. Meanwhile, Jai Jagadeesh starts suspecting his wife because she gives importance to the hospital and not him and starts misbehaving with her at home. Nandini discovers that Harish has heart enlargement and may not survive for long. Since he has no family, she starts taking more care of him in the hospital. This frustrates her husband even more and he misunderstands Harish and fights with him in the hospital. Nandini goes to her residence to explain to her husband but discovers that her husband has abused a lady who was staying in their house (maid). She decides to leave him but Harish tries to convince her husband that his relationship with Nandini is pure and that he has misunderstood them. Jai Jagadeesh misbehaves with him again leaving his wife hurt while trying to make sense with her husband. Finally, Harish saves Nandini's baby but dies. Nandini divorces her husband and moves on with her just born child.

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    director Rajendra Singh Babu
    keywords abuse heart enlargement jai jagadish suhasini
    musicBy M. Ranga Rao
    productionCompany Ram Balaji Movies