The Devil's Agent

The Devil's Agent

The Devil's Agent is a 1962 drama film directed by John Paddy Carstairs and starring Peter van Eyck, Marianne Koch, Christopher Lee and Macdonald Carey. It was a co-production between Britain, West Germany and the Republic of Ireland. It was based on a novel by Hans Habe. It is set in East Germany during the Cold War.


Mild-mannered Viennese wine merchant George Droste (Peter van Eyck), an intelligence expert during the second world war, unexpectedly encounters old friend Baron Von Staub (Christopher Lee), and spends a weekend with him on his estate in the Soviet zone. The two revive a friendship interrupted by the war. However, when Von Straub's sister asks Droste to transport a small package to a friend in West Germany, the bewildered Droste is set up for a series of complicated spy games, at first becoming an unwilling dupe for the Russians, and then retaliating by offering his services to a US intelligence agency.

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    contentLocation Germany
    director John Paddy Carstairs
    editor Tom Simpson
    genre drama
    keywords intelligence agency old friend set up west germany
    musicBy Phil Green
    producer Emmet Dalton
    productionCompany CCC Filmkunst Emmet Dalton Productions
    publisher British Lion Film Corporation
    theme spy