Parchhain (Shadow) is a 1952 Hindi romantic melodrama film directed by V. Shantaram. The production company was Rajkamal Kalamandir. The story and dialogue were by Shams Lakhnavi, with cinematography by G. Balakrishna. Music direction was by C. Ramchandra and the lyricists was Noor Lakhnavi.


Tired of his life, Deepak (V. Shantaram), a boat man, tries to commit suicide. However his inner voice stops him. As he's returning home he gets hit in the eye by a bullet, blinding him. The accident has been caused by Saloni (Jayshree), a young lady also called Chhoti Rani (Young Queen), while she's out on a hunt. She takes him home with the view of getting him treatment. While staying in the big mansion Deepak soon falls in love with Saloni, who reciprocates his feelings. However this is not liked by the older Queen, Badi Rani (Lalita Pawar) as she wants Saloni to marry Vinod. She sends Deepak for eye treatment with Kishori (Sandhya), one of the maids in the house, whose voice is similar to Saloni's voice. Badi Rani dies, and when Saloni refuses to marry Vinod, he tries to rape her. While she's trying to escape, both are killed. On regaining his eyesight Deepak realises that Kishori, who has fallen in love with him is not Saloni. He returns to the mansion to be told about Saloni's death. He spends his days lighting a lamp on the shrine he builds for Saloni at the place where she died.

    More details

    director V. Shantaram
    genre drama
    keywords inner voice kill queen b sandhya trying to escape
    musicBy C. Ramchandra
    producer V. Shantaram
    productionCompany Rajkamal Kalamandir
    theme melodrama romantic drama