Selamat Berdjuang, Masku!

Selamat Berdjuang, Masku! (Perfected Spelling: Selamat Berjuang, Masku!, Indonesian for "Fight Well, My Brother!") is a 1951 Indonesian film directed by R.H. Andjar Subyanto and starring Raden Sukarno and Marlia Hardi. It follows a former guerrilla leader who must pursue his love despite the interference of his former comrades.


During the Indonesian National Revolution, Herman (Raden Sukarno) is the leader of a group of guerrillas, including the womanizing artist Wurjanto (A. Hamid Arief), the arrogant Abdul Rais (Chatir Harro), the trader Amin (A. Bakar), and the former office worker Katsina (Darussalam). After the war, only Herman maintains his ideology and joins the Indonesian Air Force, whereas his fellow guerrillas return to their respective fields. He also maintains a loving relationship with Parmi (Marlia Hardi), and stays faithful to her despite intervention from Herman's former colleagues, including Wurjanto, who has stolen the heart of Surti (Netty Herawaty), a young village woman.