Pachai Nirame

Pachai Nirame is a 2008 Indian Tamil mystery thriller film directed and produced by Karkki. The film features Yugendran, Saran Sathya, Rajasekar, Nanditha Jennifer and Preethi Varma in the lead roles, with Vadivelu, Majeet Khan, Ravikumar, Chandrasekhar, Ajay Rathnam, Sethu Vinayagam, Karikalan, Rashmi Radhakrishnan and Suresh playing supporting roles. The film had musical score by Sreeram Selva and was released in 2008.


The film begins with the discovery of a skeleton of a woman in a minister's garden. Inspector Majeet Khan (Majeet Khan) and inspector Ravikumar (Ravikumar) take charge of the case and they suspect that the skeleton might be Asha (Preethi Varma) who had disappeared two years ago. They then interrogated her friend Sowmya.