The Biscuit Eater

The Biscuit Eater is a 1940 children's film directed by Stuart Heisler and starring Billy Lee and Cordell Hickman as two kids who raise a runt of a dog. It was named one of the Top Ten Films of 1940 by the National Board of Review. Walt Disney Productions made a 1972 remake under the same title.


Harvey McNeil breeds and trains quail bird dogs for his new boss Mr. Ames, who has recently inherited the breeding. Harvey's young son Lonnie wants a dog of his own. Dixie has a litter of pups and Lonnie wants to raise the runt. Dad explains you have to keep the blood lines strong and the runts need to be killed. Also any dog that likes to eat chicken eggs is known as a biscuit eater and a poor bird dog because of its attraction to the wrong kind of bird.