Kalyani கல்யாணி

lang (தமிழ்: கல்யாணி) is a 1952 Tamil Drama film directed by Acharya (T. G. Raghavacharya) and M. Mastan. The film is produced by T. R. Sundaram under Modern Theatres. The film portrays the life of a mentally-deranged man and is heavily inspired by 1948 American Classic film The Snake Pit. It was later re-made into a Telugu film under the title Atthainti Kaapuram in 1952. Kalyani stars M. N. Nambiar. B. S. Saroja, D. Balasubramaniam, M. G. Chakrapani and T. P. Muthulakshmi had supporting roles.


M. N. Nambiar is the main protagonist of the film and struggles with mental problems. M.N. Nambiar gets married to a young woman who is portrayed by B. S. Saroja. The plot revolves around their relationship and the series of problems faced by the female lead. B.S. Sorja eventually succeeds in curing her husband's mental illness.