Tarzan and the She-Devil

Tarzan and the She-Devil

Tarzan and the She-Devil is a 1953 American film directed by Kurt Neumann and starring Lex Barker as Tarzan and Joyce MacKenzie as Jane. It also features Raymond Burr, Tom Conway and Monique van Vooren, who plays the "She-Devil."


Beautiful but deadly Lyra the She-Devil and her ivory-hunting friends have discovered a large herd of bull elephants and plot to capture them, forcing an East African native tribe to serve as bearers. Their ivory poaching plans meet opposition when Tarzan gives his deafening jungle cry. The tusked creatures come running, stomping all over Lyra's plans.

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    director Kurt Neumann
    editor Leon Barsha
    genre fantasy
    keywords east africa native tribe run
    musicBy Paul Sawtell
    producer Sol Lesser
    productionCompany Sol Lesser
    publisher RKO Pictures
    theme sequel