Chicago Massacre: Richard Speck

Chicago Massacre: Richard Speck is a 2007 horror film written and directed by Michael Yungfer . The film, which premiered at the 2007 Beverly Hills Film Festival, is based on the crimes of Chicagoan mass murderer Richard Speck, and stars Corin Nemec as Speck.


Growing up in rural Texas, Richard Speck is abused physically, psychologically and possibly sexually by his stepfather. Becoming a delinquent in his teenage years, Speck is eventually sentenced to psychiatric counseling, which he avoids by hopping a train out of town. Speck subsequently marries a woman named Sissy, who leaves him due to his violent, demeaning mistreatment of her. After the divorce, Speck moves to Chicago, where he makes the acquaintance of a student nurse named Sharon. One night in 1966, an intoxicated Speck, needing money for a trip to New Orleans, breaks into Sharon's dormitory, intent on robbing her and her eight roommates. Speck experiences a psychotic break during the burglary, and ends up raping and torture-murdering Sharon and seven of the other women; the sole survivor, Sondra Azano, makes it through the night by hiding under a bed.