Vimochanam is a 1940 Indian Tamil-language film dealing with the issue of prohibition. Directed by T. Marconi, the film stars Hemalatha, Kanthamani, Baby Jaya, Indira and Bhagirathi. Released on 30 March 1940, it received a great deal of attention because of the values it propagated, and the fact that most of the artistes were girl children. No print or stills of this film are known to survive, making it a lost film.


Arumugham, a drunkard living in Salem, sells his wife's jewellery to purchase alcohol until probation in Salem offers much-needed relief. He is soon arrested for illegally trying to brew liquor. After he is released, he finds the liquor shop has become a tea-stall and his wife destitute, leading to his reform.


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    director T. Marconi
    keywords arrest salem salem district
    musicBy Ramani Sarma Brothers
    productionCompany Hindustan Films Jaya Films