Dynamite Smith

Dynamite Smith

Dynamite Smith is a 1924 American silent drama film directed by Ralph Ince and written by C. Gardner Sullivan. The film stars Charles Ray, Bessie Love, and Wallace Beery, and was distributed through Pathé Exchange.


Gladstone Smith (Ray) is a young San Francisco literary editor, who, in his first assignment as a reporter, upsets murderer "Slugger" Rourke (Beery) so much that he must flee to Alaska with his sweetheart Kitty Gray (Logan). Gladstone brings the killer's pregnant wife Violet (Love) with him, so that her child can be born away from the saloons and bars of San Francisco. Slugger pursues them in Alaska, where the baby is born, and Violet dies shortly thereafter. Gladstone is able to trap Slugger in a bear trap. Gladstone lights a dynamite fuse, and changes his mind about using it at the last minute, but it explodes, killing Slugger. Gladstone, Kitty, and the baby are safe.

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    contentLocation Alaska
    director Ralph Ince
    genre drama
    keywords baby bear trap kill pregnant wife
    publisher Pathé Exchange