The Golden Claw

The Golden Claw is a 1915 American dramatic film produced by Thomas H. Ince, written by C. Gardner Sullivan, and directed by Reginald Barker. It is a five-reel drama released by Kay-Bee Pictures and starred Bessie Barriscale.


Bessie Barriscale played the role of Lillian Henry, “a beautiful young girl who enjoys all the tinsel and glitter of society life and is willing to marry simply for money and all the luxuries and pleasures that its possession will bring.” One reviewer described Barriscale’s character as a “young girl” who “decides that she will practically sell herself to a youth of wealth.” Frank Mills plays Bert Werden, “the young unspoiled man, who was determined to give his wife her fill of his continual search for the golden fleece.”

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    director Reginald Barker
    genre drama
    keywords golden fleece stock market young girl
    producer Thomas H. Ince
    publisher Kay-Bee Pictures