The Farmer

The Farmer is a 1977 American crime action film directed by David Berlatsky and starring Lewell Akins, Gary Conway, Michael Dante, Dave Graig, Stratton Leopold, Ray McIver, and George Memmoli. The film was released by Columbia Pictures on March 9, 1977.


a decorated World War II veteran Kyle Martin returns homes to Georgia to start a farm, but realizes running a one-man farm isn't profitable, and the bank needs to foreclose, despite of being a veteran. At that point a gamber named Johnny has an auto crash close to the farm, in which Kyle spares his life, where Johnny offers him 1,500 dollars, which actually isn't sufficient to spare the homestead. At that point when Johnny past-post on a pony race for over $50,000, angering mobster Passini as he and his three colleagues murders Johnny's bodyguard and afterward blinds Johnny's eyes with corrosive to "make a example out of him", Johnny asks his mistress Betty to hire Kyle so he can kill to Passini and his men individually for $50,000, which he needs to save his farm, Kyle accepts which sets the path for revenge..