Slaughter is a 2009 American horror film written and directed by Stewart Hopewell. It was part of the third After Dark Horrorfest.


Faith (Amy Shiels) is a young woman trapped in a relationship with her abusive boyfriend, Jimmy (Vance Daniels). She flees from him and moves to Atlanta to start over again. As Faith begins her new life, she meets a fun and free-spirited young woman named Lola (Lucy Holt). Lola lives on a farm with her controlling father, Jorgen (David Sterne), her older brother, and her younger brother. Faith and Lola become good friends, and Lola invites Faith to live with her and her family to help out with the farm work. During the day, the family (and Faith) work on the farm, and at night the two young women go out on the town to party in Atlanta. Lola brings home a different man every night. Eventually Faith notices that these men disappear after their encounters with Lola, and she suspects that Lola's father is murdering them in the farm's slaughterhouse.


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    contentLocation Atlanta
    director Stewart Hopewell
    editor Greg O'Bryant
    genre horror
    keywords abusive boyfriend new life older brother trap young woman young women
    musicBy Justin Burnett
    producer Courtney Solomon
    productionCompany After Dark Films
    publisher After Dark Films