India Calling

India Calling is an Indian television series that aired on Star One from 14 November 2005 to 5 October 2006.


Chandni is the middle class girl living in Jalandhar who adores her elder sister, Mini Didi / Manisha Kapoor. Manisha is working in Mumbai as a call centre executive. Due to Manisha's absence on her engagement, Chandni gets engaged with Dilawar. But before marriage, she decides to go to Mumbai, to experience the famed city life, and meet her Mini Didi. But, being unable to find Manisha, she decides to take up the job at the call center, India calling, in her sister's search. Meanwhile after an initial hate relationship, she fall in love with Aditya, the owner of the call center. She is unaccustomed to the nonstop pace of city life. The show follows Chandni's struggles in life while working in a call center and trying to find her sister, Mini Didi / Manisha Kapoor.