Thotti Jaya

Thotti Jaya is a 2005 Indian Tamil-language gangster drama film written and directed by Durai and produced by Kalaipuli Dhanu. The film stars Silambarasan and Gopika, while Pradeep Rawat (in his Tamil debut) essays a supporting role. The soundtrack was composed by Harris Jayaraj with cinematography by R. D. Rajasekhar and Anthony.


Jayachandran is an orphan working in a hotel as a helper. It is assumed he gets his title name "Thotti Jaya", as he is found in a garbage bin as an infant. One day he beats and fends off a man who gets into a squabble with the hotel owner. The following night, the hotel owner rewards him with cash and dreads him the next morning. He realizes people only respect the people they fear, so he walks out from the hotel and reaches Chennai. He is spotted by Seena Thana and is hired as a henchman. In an incident, Thotti Jaya gets entangled in a political and police trap. To escape from the police, he slips to Calcutta and goes into hiding. Meanwhile, Brinda, a college girl from Kanyakumari, comes to Calcutta on a tour along with her friends. Pimps operating in the red light area of Calcutta take her away. Thotti Jaya accidentally meets Brinda when she tries to escape from the gang. He helps Brinda escape from the gang and takes her safely to Kanyakumari. On her way back home by train, Brinda starts admiring Thotti Jaya's niceties and gradually falls in love with him. When she expresses her desire, Thotti Jaya reciprocates her love, and both decide to enter into wedlock, but little does he know that Brinda is actually Seena Thana's daughter. Thotti Jaya takes Brinda away from her house and earns Seena Thana's wrath. Angered by this, Seena Thana summons his rowdy gangs and plots to bump off Thotti Jaya. How Thotti Jaya accomplishes his hopes of marrying Brinda is told in the remaining part of the story.

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    contentLocation Kolkata
    director V. Z. Durai
    editor Anthony
    genre action drama thriller
    keywords hide hotel owner morning red light
    musicBy Harris Jayaraj
    producer Kalaipuli Dhanu
    productionCompany Kalaipuli Dhanu
    publisher Kalaipuli Dhanu
    theme gangster