Vaa Magale Vaa

Vaa Magale Vaa (English : Come daughter, come) is a 1994 Tamil drama film directed Visu. The film features Visu, Kushboo, Rekha and Veera Pandiyan in the lead roles, with Delhi Ganesh, Charle, Thyagu, T. P. Gajendran and T. S. Balachander playing supporting roles. The film, produced by N. Ramasamy, had musical score by Deva and was released on 13 May 1994.


Uma (Kushboo), a lawyer, is the daughter of the retired judge Viswanathan (Visu). Her father Viswanathan treasures her a lot and treats his maids as his friends. Uma reveals that she fell in love at first sight with Pandiyan (Veera Pandiyan) during college. Pandiyan is now a police officer but he is feared by his very strict father Sankar Raman (T. S. Balachander). Both families accept for their wedding. One day, Uma visits her lover at the police station and sees a man behind the bar. She feels that the man is innocent but Pandiyan refuses to let him free because he is the main suspect of a murder. The accused is the poor TV mechanic Raman (Charle). Uma becomes his lawyer and makes him released on bail. Uma begins her investigation, soon she starts to suspect her father Viswanathan. What transpires next forms the rest of the story.


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    director Visu
    genre drama
    keywords love at first sight police officer police station retire strict father wed
    musicBy Deva
    producer N. Ramasamy
    productionCompany Sri Thenandal Films
    theme legal