Conquest is a 1998 British-Canadian romantic comedy film set in the dying prairie town of Conquest, Saskatchewan, most of whose remaining residents are in their 70s and depressed. Thirty-two-year-old Pincer Bedier (Lothaire Bluteau), the French-Canadian manager of the only bank branch in the town, dreams of reviving the town and its only cash crop, the edible pea pods of the Caragana bush. Daisy MacDonald (Tara Fitzgerald), a young, beautiful and mysterious English or Australian woman, happens into town in her bright red Alfa Romeo sports car and when it stalls, finds herself stranded indefinitely until the needed parts can be shipped in. Her presence invigorates the town and its inhabitants and romance develops between her and the young banker, while the older inhabitants catch his vision of the future.

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    contentLocation Saskatchewan
    director Piers Haggard
    editor Ralph Brunjes
    genre comedy romance
    musicBy Ron Sures
    producer Christina Jennings Stephen Onda
    productionCompany Shaftesbury Films
    publisher Oasis International
    theme romantic comedy