Kaanch Ke Rishte

Kaanch Ke Rishte is a television drama series airing on DD National, based on the story of a retired journalist and his wife. The series premiered on 29 March 2009 and airs every Sunday at 9:30pm IST. It is directed by Arshad Khan, written by Nawaab Arzoo and the supervising producer and the creative director of this show is Tariq Mohammad (Tariq Mohd.).


The story is of a retired newspaper editor who lives with his wife in a huge mansion all by themselves without their sons and other extended family members. Since the house is located on the sea shores, many of the builders keep an eye on the property. Therefore, they lure the sons of the newspaper editor and promise them to give a huge amount of money if they can get the bungalow vacated. Henceforth, the sons get the house vacated with conspiracy and sell it to the builders. But later on they realize how much they have done wrong to their parents.


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    director Arshad Khan
    genre drama
    keywords extended family newspaper editor retire